What about the Big Stuff?


Author: Richard Carlson

Genre: Self-help, Psychology

Big Stuff? woohoo..mukha atang challenging topic to discuss ito maybe because may kanya-kanya tayong big stuff na pinagdaanan or pinagdadaanan sa ngayon. Usually when we say big stuff these are the problems that we encounter either in a day-to-day basis or pwede din one time big shot.

This book is all about those big stuff like death, illness, loss of something, disaster, broken-hearted or even those situation we never expect that will happen to us and we are unprepared to accept it in a first place. What I like Richard Carlson is the way he look at those so-called adversity into advantage point. Gaining knowledge about this might help us to overcome the big stuff.

It is so hard to change, sobra, lalo na pag pinagiisipan mo palang madalas nakakabaliw na. Example nalang if we want to change career. Kung na develop na yung attachment sa work na meron tayo and it can provide the things we want and need in order to live like food, bill, leisure, clothing, gadget ect. minsan mahirap maka alis kasi we think na pag lumipat tayo everything will change and for sure panibagong adjustment na naman. Ayaw natin ng ganun, sanay na tayo sa comfort zone na meron tayo. Kaya lang naman nakakatakot magbago, kahit sa ano mang bagay kasi it seems different to our system or even to our lifestyle. It is like we put ourselves in a box tapos nilagyan natin ng maraming tape para siguradong naka sealed. hahaha.

According to the book if there is a certain challenge dumating sa buhay natin madalas mahirap hanapan ng sagot or dahilan. Yung kahit anong pilit mong kakaisip wala ka talagang mahanap na sagot. We might think that we are not born on a right star kaya we expereince problem at di tayo tinatantanan nito. If such thing happen the best thought is to keep reminding ourselves that there is always an answer. Pwedeng hindi pa ngayon ang sagot pero meron at meron. Madalas nga natin sinasabi di ba na everything happens for a reason. Antay lang siguro at wag masyadong gigil.

I personally admit that sometimes I think shallow ideas. The perspective wherein I want the situation always be in favor to me. Aminin mo ganyan ka din hehe. Sinasabi natin sa sarili natin na magiging masaya lang tayo if someone act base sa gusto natin o di naman kaya if this world will provide the things we request. This is not our duty to fix others rather it is our responsibility to make ourselves happy by letting others to exist also. Sabi nga ni Gandhi “Be the change you want to see”.

The best advice after reading book is when the author reminds to always have a peace of mind whether we get what we want or not get what we want. Valuing our peace will help us to face the big stuff in a positive way. It will keep us smile even under adversity and put ourselves in a state of faith that everything will be okay. Fighting!


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